Purpose of the Web Site

The site allows you to quickly and intuitively create a css file with which to change the style of writing of your website, using one of the many in our archive as font or uploading a personal one (the management of a personal font takes place entirely on the side Client, making it visible only to the user who has uploaded it until the page is closed).
Through an interactive interface full of sliders and buttons it is possible to change the numerous properties without effort, observing in real time the changes of the text and of the reference css; Once the desired results are obtained, just press a button to copy the file to your clipboard or start the download. It is also provided an assessment of the accessibility of the web design obtained by verifying the satisfaction of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and the contrast ratio, ie the calculation of the contrast between text and background colors.

This website was created for the Multimedia Engineering Design and Production course of the University of Florence, A.A 2017/2018.


Francesco Scandiffio

Pistoia. Computer Engineering student at the University of Florence.
Contact: francesco.scandiffio@stud.unifi.it

Edoardo Ramalli

Florence. Computer Engineering student at the University of Florence.
Contact: edoardo.ramalli@stud.unifi.it

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