Upload a custom font

In order to use a personal font it is necessary to upload its web version. A web-font is a translation of the font that can be interpreted by browsers and is what allow you to visualize writings using a style chosen by the author. Web-font consists of the two following files:
  1. A css that defines the font name and source using the @font-face directive. This file is necessary and sufficient for a correct upload if the source is available online.
  2. In cases where the source is not available online, the upload system notifies the need to upload this too, that is a .woff or .woff2 file which contains information on how to display the font.
    The difference between the two formats is related to their compatibility with browsers, woff for older ones and woff2 for newer versions, as shown here .
You can easily generate all the necessary files using a generic web-font generation site, such as one of the following: The upload screen, reached through the button icona di upload on the homepage, display notification of any faults or errors in the files, giving the possibility to rename the font if a conflict occurs with one already present in our archive.
The management of uploaded files takes place entirely on Client side: custom fonts remain available until the browser page is closed.

Contrast Check

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines defines a method for calculating contrast using the luminance of a color. Contrast is calculated between two colors, usually between the background color and the color of the text, in order to evaluate and quantify the accessibility of reading a Web page.
The contrast ratio goes from a minimum of 1: 1, when the two colors are the same, at 21: 1, when you have white with black.
Again according to the standard issued by WCAG 2.0, a large text is defined if the font size is greater or equal to 24px; or if it is greater than or equal to 18px and is in bold (at least 700 points in thickness), otherwise you have a normal text.
Depending on the ratio obtained we have:

  1. If the contrast ratio (CR) is greater than 4.5 then you have AA certification for plain text.
  2. If the CR is greater than 3 and the text is large you get the AA certification.
  3. If the CR is greater than 7 and the text is normal, the certificate is AAA.
  4. If the CR is greater than 4.5 and the text is large, it is AAA certified.